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 Canada's leading supplier of lure making parts, components and supplies, for the manufacturer, tackle shop and angler


We Have Just about any lure parts you may need, to build your own custom lures, spoon, jigs as well as any moulds you may need what we don't have in stock can be added to our huge line up of inventoried components



Romppai’s Has Been Not only The Larges Tackle manufacturer and Canada's leading supplier of lure making parts, components and supplies, for the manufacturer, tackle shop and angler. Romppai’s has been shipping not only Our own Name Brand jigs , spoons and lures as well as  tackle components of all kinds daily to lure makers across Canada, USA and the UK and the world for over 16 years, right to your door from our warehouse in Ontario, Canada.

Don’t be fooled by cheap steel components or a smaller blade size then the main standard in the industry, There are several other shops in Ontario that maybe offering a lower price, but make sure of 2 things,

1-      1 - That the Base Metal is Brass, that means the blade or spoon has been stamped from high quality Marine Brass or Stainless Steel, NOT STEEL.

3-      2 - That the sizing is industry Standard, in other words a Size 5 Willow Leaf blade should be 2.61 inches long, not 2.25 inches as many other shops try to fool you,

        We (Romppai's) sell top quality parts at the lowest pricing around, and our sizing is industry slandered, as well as our Base metals of ether brass or Stainless Steel. We do not list our lure making parts or pricing, as that is between us and our customers, call us with you request, and we will email you a quote, just for you

4-       We Do Have one Casting spoon in 5 size that are made from steel, for those that fish in lots of snags

        Do to The Hundreds of thousands Lure component we carry, not all will be listed on line, Just Call in your request and we will email you a quote, priced just for you, remember we will not be beet on price when comparing apples to apples, remember just about every other supplier offers pricing based on oranges. We do not list our pricing on line due to the beast of this market, How ever I give this one example


Ball Bearing Swivel with-out Split Rings - USA Made.

Small Eye Swivel: has two small eyes to accept 2 fine wire split rings. Large Eye Swivel: has one small eye and one large eye (0.064" diameter). Requires only one split ring. add Package size at the beginning of the product number, For exsample a 50 pack of 98422, will show as 50-98422
Size Style Approx.
lb. test
O.A. Length
Finish Package
of 10
of 50
of 100
of 500
39-60-06 1 Small Eye 30 3/8" Nickel $5.49 $27.7750 $43.9900 $199.9000
39-60-10 1 Large Eye 30 3/8" Nickel $5.49 $27.7750 $43.9900 $199.9900



  Extra Discounts for larger quintiles


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My name is Arnold Romppai. Children need to know how to fish, make fishing tackle, and rig there poles. and have the supplies to do so. and I heed a HD video cameras (web Cam) for best viewing.  So far for years I have paid it all out of my own pocket, I no longer can, so I am asking for help for the children. Teach a child to fish, you feed them for a life time. if you want to donate with credit card and save us the chip in (Pay-Pal) charges, use summit credit card button above, in the note box, type in FOR THE CHILDREN

I will mail or email you a tax recite if you leave address.  It has been my sense, allot of people can not afford to buy supplies for there child, so we supply free supplies, as well teach online on above J-TV video as well in my shop or in schools, I make nothing, I donate my time.. I am disabled and on a small pension. since 1988. For more information Click here

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