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Welcome to our Electronics index. If you don't fond what you need, contact use.

IP camera on Sale well supply lasts, Click Here

Using Skype, or windows live. with video help

RR 1, 22 Laukka Lane, Kaministiquia, Ontario, Canada, P0T1X0    Fax: 807-933-4972  Email us, Skype: add arnold.romppai -windows live add

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Computer, TV, WI-FI & Audio  Parts Ruckus™

Remember we sell for LESS! FIND WHAT YOU NEED AND EMAIL THE PART NUMBER/S AND DESCRIPTION TO US, WE WILL GET IT FOR YOU, If we don't have it in stock!!!!! visit factory website do not order from factory links, with us you get it for less. Need a new laptop or desk top? Hay we have more then I can ever get on the web. DUE TO EVER CHANGING TECHNOLOGY

Ask about our marine radios, stereos with opyion to add on a Surus recever, also water proof speakers and water proof mount/hosing for the CD/AM/FM deck

some of our product file, order form andother are in Microsoft excel, if you do not have ecel, download the excel reader Here for free

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Romppai's Terms of Sale

Down load our new product line card then contact us for pricing on products you need, up-dated Sept.-09 click here items on this line card are subject to free shipping with a minimum order of these items of $700.00,

You can download an excel file that has a lot of our electronic parts, call us for product info, photos, just give us the part number/s Here again it is just a small list of items we offer, hell i would be dead before i ever got everything on line, at that most of it would be out lived it's time, due to the fast over turn of technology.......... Just like the above line card is out dated, I have to change it AGAIN, uuuug..

Believe it or not, but it is so true, everything in the field here will all be going to IP  capable products faster then you think

We have products for the student, at discounts, home, and home office, commercial, Doctor’s, Lawyer’s, and Real Estate or Construction offices. RV parks, resorts. hotels motels hot spot Wi-Fi, we have the top line in TV-IP cameras that can do just about any thing you need a security camera to do, including checking on your home, shop, office, kids wife, from any were in the world you maybe, and they connect sound and alarms, even both ways, our comercal Ruckus Wi-Fi is number one across any other brand on the market, no business should be with out Ruckus. Wi-Fi system/s , you have not had Wi-Fi until you have Ruckus, see the demo today, you will not believe until you do.

We have so many product Categories we can not list everything, click here for a Category list.. then email use with an item you want from a Category, we will let you know if we have what you need from that Category/s. ON SALE NOW  Until we better combine products to make the site faster to get around, so you don't miss out on great deals, some page links are below for now

 iP-Phone I/O PCI & ISA EXPANSION CARDS Power Supplies  Startech line card.pdf  Notebook 2.5 IDE Hard Drive

Cooling Fans Computer  Partscat.pdf  Startech  Products  Ruckus ZoneFlex How it works Startech Product Catalog.pdf  MOTHERBOARDS

 ACER   HP Power Line network adaptor  IDE 3.5 Hard Drives   NetBooks  Startech Products   External Hard Drive Enclosure, the great new way to watch you home TV from any were, SlingBox


On Site Free Planning  IT Support   Sata Hard Drives Custom installs   Service plans  Routers/Switches  Sata notebook Hard Drives FTA Satellite                 Commercial Wi-Fi From Ruckus Wireless  We have all parts you need to update or build a new system

We link to factory sites, so you get the most up-date spec's.  Do not order from factory sites. you need to order though use to get the lowest price.!

For more product info search factory product numbers on the factory sites,below, for most up today information, in some cases we have linked the Mfr # / not the product name/ to the product, if factory number is blue it is linked already, many items have a factory mail in rebate. we are adding many more soon

Below are just a few product lines we carry



World Class WI-FI


The first powerful and simple Smart WLAN solution purpose-built for small and medium businesses and hot zone operators, Great for home users as well.

You are most likely a user of cheep wireless Wi-Fi SOHO users. Are you tired of dropped, weak or no signal in many rooms or out doors, interference is the main cause of dropped wireless connection, time consuming, to reset. It's time you looked at our  Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex  Wi-Fi units View a demo Here  Keep in mind for small setups of under 1 to 2 AP's, a ZoneDirector™ is not needed, we recommend you also invest in a ZoneDirector™, it gives you more options and simple control over all AP's central management in real-time AP. with the capability of up-grading firmware witch is not possible with out the ZoneDirector™

  ZoneDirector™ control platform for the Ruckus ZoneFlex, a new generation of Smart Wi-Fi multimedia access points, recommended for AP's as well as reducing you service IT support packages.

Our (IT staff) or Ruckus can trouble shoot your network Via your ZoneDirector™ over our secure SSL connection with out making a house call.

1 or 2 AP's will do a home wireless setup with out the need for the ZoneDirector™

Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex  Wi-Fi units Sell them self's, once you try it. For a free demo Email us

You Can Read some Blog on SOHO Users to users that whet to Ruckus Here

Ok you know you need something for your computer but don't know what it's called? Click this link to the factory website, it's a cool tool, just point your mouse, it tells you what it is on the left side of your screen, click all views


While makes every effort to provide accurate specifications and description on all products,  is not responsible for errors in products specifications on this website. For complete descriptions, capabilities, and specifications, please check the manufacturers website for actual specifications.

If you wish to purchase this product, please ensure that you have verified compatibility with your system by visiting the manufacturer's web site.  assumes no responsibility and will not accept returns for items purchased that are not compatible with your computer configuration. For more information, visit our

Romppai's Terms of Sale
In stock orders placed before 3:00pm EST are usually shipped the same day. In stock orders placed after 3:00pm EST are usually shipped the next business day. 
Your order will be shipped from the closest warehouse that has stock. We ship by Purolator and UPS, Canada Post.

Remember our office and warehouse is open Tuesday to Sunday, Closed on Mondays


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MINIMUM $50.00, Click here for more ordering information



We are pleased to announce, we now have leasing available for our many large ticket items, equipment only, $1500.00 each or more, for government, organizations and any business's

Apply online



Some products from other suppliers can be booked as late as April 30th, 0f each year but call so you will know your booking dead line to order,



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Thank you for your under standing