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Below you will find many different software and IT support services. use above link for each product.

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Download EditPlus Text Editor
EditPlus Text Editor is distributed as Shareware. You can download the evaluation version and try it for 30 days. If you find it useful and decide to keep using EditPlus Text Editor for your website pages after the evaluation period has expired, you must from us before your 30 evaluation period, pricing below.

Buy Now EditPlus Version 3

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

EditPlus Text Editor 3.50 Evaluation Version (1.83 MB)
Download your 30 day free trail below, then come back to us to buy your license key, lowest price around
Download (from CNET

Benefits for Registered Users

* Non-expiring license to use the software.
* Personal username/regcode to unlock your copy into licensed version.
* Free minor upgrades and bug patch files (e.g. 3.0 -> 3.1).
* One free upgrade to the next major release (e.g. 3.xx -> 4.xx).
* Free technical support by e-mail.

Customer information is considered confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.

EditPlus Version 3

Order # 6684-(Enter number of users here)

To order. Summit credit card HERE in the Note box enter above item # w/users nuber below, end user full name/address/email/phone. If you don't send this info we can not send you software key/s

Ask about Discount - Educational (Schools only)

1-user license: CND $31.00
5-user license: CND $145 ($29.00 each)
10-user license: CND $220 ($22.00 each)
20-user license: CND $400 ($20 each)
30-user license: CND $480 ($16 each)
50-user license: CND $650 ($13 each)
100-user license: CND $850 ($ 8.50 each)

Above prices do not include Canada province HST tax

Out side Canada no Tax


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AVG CloulCare

Request from us, a FREE 30 day trail emai us

AVG CloulCare is available with only the AVG internet security business ( you don't have to have a busniess to use this, many homes us it as well,  A great anit-virus, link scanner, email scanning, identity protection, Spyware protection, and so much more. You can buy by the month, or buy 1 or 2 year at a time ands save 2 months' for each year. 


AVG is the number one protection software worldwide and has been used by us computer repair shops for many years.

With AVG CloulCare, you can add onoptional services, such as content filtering, ( great to stop employs of youg children from getting to certain websites, or even getting online at certain times of day, such as homework time).

Then there is the remote IT service, we we can make repairs to your system or network with out entering your computer. for bigger computer or network problems, you can reqest us to remote into your system to make repairs, or simply help you do things like uninstalling programs , show you were deferent functions in a program are. We can not remote in with out you accepting time

What is AVG CloulCare

Below is a link that explain AVG

and how power full it is, there is also a short vidio that will show you, as one of our customers, how / what and were we provide you our services

Remember the above video is for our use only, it is provided to you as an overview in to how we protect and provide such a great low cost service to you the customer









The below fees are per system (computer) and (1) your network if you have one, witch most people do. Prices do not include Canada HST tax

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AVG CloulCare internet security Busniess 2013

Item # AVGCC-****

Above ** in item # you replace w/12 , 1, or 2

Monthly (1 Computer)  $15.00

1 year (1 Computer) $150.00

2 year (1 Computer) $270.00

--------------- AVG optional services you must have above product first.

AVG CloulCare opt. Content filtering


Above ** in item # you replace w/12 , 1, or 2

Monthly (1 Computer) $3.75

1 year (1 Computer) $37.50

2 year (1 Computer) $67.50


AVG CloulCare Remote IT


Above ** in item # you replace w/12 , 1, or 2

Monthly (1 Computer) $12.75

1 year (1 Computer) $147.00

2 year (1 Computer) $229.50

All price are per computer, for over 10 computers email for discounts, all computers do not have to be in any one location.

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