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Take them anywhere, Enjoy electronics on your boat, hunting and Fishing, anywhere you are

We have a full line of computers, Computer Hardware, Software, Networking Hardware, weather you need a work station, Laptop, Note Book, ThinkPad, Server, Monitor/s indoor or outdoor AP's, Routers, you name it we have it in top brand names such as HP, Acer, Lenovo, (Lenovo is number two in the computer industry), Gateway. Don't for get a full line of printers of all kinds, Pos systems for the retailer.

Romppai's is also your dealer and installer of the world leader in commercial Wi-Fi Ruckus Wireless in North Western Ontario For the top of the line Wi-Fi Go Ruckus! Check out the Ruckus Videos in the link below, that best informs you on the Ruckus product line and how it works compared to other So HO Wi-Fi

Shop in store, Online, or by mail order, it don't mater how you buy, we service you after the sale. Most systems we sell come with a free one year license of the world leader anti virus malware software, AVG internet Security, Free a $69.00 Value, the more license you buy the more you save, save big on renewals when you buy though Romppai's



Lenovo ThinkPad-X230-Cheatsheet.pdf


Ruckus Wireless

Lenovo X131e CS NA Intel.pdf

TrendNet Products

Ruckus Videos, The Bast Way to show the product

Lenovo Solutions Book - Canada - Aug 22, 2012.xlsm Excel available in PDF by email

See just a few Lenovo units we have listed, many others  

Check Out Lenovo Online


Microsoft Software

Lenovo News

Lenovo Sales


Latest Product Sales Enablement on LPN







The ThinkPad X, T and W Series pages as well as the ThinkStation page on LPN have been refreshed with sales enablement goodies. Product images, datasheets, cheatsheets, flyers and videos are available for X1 Carbon, T430u, W530 and more.  Click links below

ThinkPad X Series Page >
ThinkPad T Series Page >

ThinkPad W Series Page >
ThinkStation Page >
View TopSeller Models >


ThiinkPad, ThinkCentre & ThinkStation: Industry's Most Reliable Systems







TBR surveyed IT decision makers about laptop, desktop and workstation reliability and it was found that Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkStation workstations are the most reliable in the industry. 

ThinkPad & ThinkCentre TBR Report >
ThinkStation TBR Report >


Romppai's Terms of Sale

If you just making a small order, you can put your order in the note box on our credit card summation page, See link below, items list on these WebPages are not in our online store and may never be.

For larger orders not made in our online store, you can email you order to us (DO NOT PUT YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO IN AN EMAIL), and summit your credit card information, using the link below, any orders sent in with out summiting your credit card fist will be canceled, unless you call in your credit card.

There is also a order Form you can download in excel or PDF file format, from our  home page

We have Honda outboards and generators

Shop online, Sign up, send people to us to sign up, have them put your email address you used when you signed up, and you make 10% commission on anything they buy online in the stores. We feel our best place to put our advertising dollars is back to our great customers.

After all, word of mouth is the best advertising that you can ever get. We have spent thousands on advertising, fishing show ads, and sponsors; and it has never given as much return as word of mouth.

No sign up fees at this time. Minimum order $50.00 or a $5.00 service fee, mix of product brands, names. We offer free delivery in most cases.
Please book mark.

HEATMASTER SS, MORE FOR YOUR MONEY, Click above image to read more

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My name is Arnold Romppai. Children need to know how to fish, make fishing tackle, rig their poles, and have the supplies to do so. So far, for years I have paid it all out of my own pocket, I no longer can, so I am asking for help for the children. Teach a child to fish…you feed them for a life time. If you want to donate with credit card and save us the chip in (Pay-Pal) charges, use this SSL summit credit card button HERE, in the note box, type in FOR THE CHILDREN

I will mail or email you a tax recite if you leave address.  It has been my sense, allot of people can not afford to buy supplies for there child, so we supply free supplies, as well teach online on above J-TV video as well in my shop or in schools, I make nothing, I donate my time.. I am disabled and on a small pension. since 1988. For more information Click here

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