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Welcome to our Outdoor division  of Romppai's

Here you will find, just about anything to do with the outdoors and OME (Romppai's Custom Fishing  Tackle Manufactured in Kaministiquia, Ontario Canada, Shown below

We have so many marine products it is impossible to get everything listed, we have about 98% of the marine products and parts you may need and much more. Our pricing is any were from 20 to 50% less then any competitor (marine mark-up is huge) send us the factory part number, with your name and phone. No pricing is given by email, how ever an email quote (good for 30 days) will be sent after we talk, no free email accounts please, i.e yahoo USA website

Look for product categories links on the left, the top, and the bottom of this page, they will take you to sub category pages, with the hundreds of thousands of product we have available to you, we can not list everything, some items may be in USD funds, due to out up and down of our Canadian dollar, price will be converted at time of import. I the product price is in USD it will me noted on the item, if it is not noted the pricing is CND . Below are just a very few of the tied jigs and jig flies we make in house. proven to be real Walleye Salmon and Bass killers


We have many types of trailers, parts and service, from EZ-Loader, Newman's, just to name a few.  Shop online cart one  cart two

We have anything from, outdoor toys, after market I/O and outboard motor and drive parts, oils, Download Mallory product catalogs here life jackets, water pumps of all kinds, for wash down, fresh water unit pumps, ladders, complete steering parts to complete units, sets, the list just keeps going, if you do not see what your looking for, email or call, we most likely have it or can order it, if ordered, 2 to 4 business days to get it, or faster if need be, we offer the lowest pricing around, we do not believe in high resale margins.

Also if you order your marine or RV products before the 10th of February of each year, we offer you the items at cost plus 10%, this helps us meet out very high minimum stocking orders, we pass on the savings to you, for helping us make these stocking orders, well keeping our over head down, a deposit is required. when booking'

We are one of the largest custom Fishing tackle manufacturer  in, Thunder Bay Ont. Canada. Now in stock, Scotty rod holder, on sale in shopping cart until April 1-2012 - $18.88 Regular MSRP $29.99, our regular price $ 27.95 Shop on-line 

Some products from other suppliers can be booked as late as April 30th, but call so you will know your booking dead line to order,

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For a full line of our Canada made fishing tackle, go to our catalog page and download the 3 part catalog. Just because you do not see what you want, that is what we are all about!  Custom made fishing tackle, the way tackle should be!!!

All our paints are baked on and all attachment eye opened, GUARANTIED NOT TO CHIP! all our spinners and spoon are stamped from 100% brass or Stainless Steel, however we do make a few items stamped from steel like everyone else (but there line is all steel) for the one who snags a lot, or is that nags a lot.. Full line of tackle just for the gal's everything pink!

Real rubber skirts. (NO plastic  junk) 80% of our spoons and spinners are stamped out of raw base metal of brass, or stainless steel, very small line of steel spoons and spinners.  Our Whitefish Lake Walleye killers, no other bait needed, the best one is all yellow (above), this one shown has a chartreuse, green head. Last year (2011)  alone, over 6700 went out the doors.

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Note; more links will be added on the left, top and bottom, so look for them as they get added, some will link to older index pages so nothing is lost, till there all completed

This site was under construction, being so much and so many hundreds of pages to re-do, we hired a site designer to do it all, so look for Romppai's retail @ the links to the two shopping carts will also all move to the .ca site.

Romppai's Wholesale distributers will stay at this website address, like it was some 10 years ago

Thank you for your under standing

We accept debit, and credit card payments with our own debit credit card terminal, we also will accept payment by Pay-Pal, due to there much higher fees, an additional 3% service charge will apply, if you are a customer that would like to see a shopping cart or buy now buttons for Pay-Pal, on our site, please send request email to, telling us your want.

 We now have started two online stores, to save you cash we have to save cash first, so it is a two step process, place your order, write down your order number, then go to our home page here, and click the green summit credit card button, fill out your information, put your shopping cart order number in the note box., cart one  cart two  take note, i just started them not long ago, so not much in them just yet, so check it often, if there is something you want right away, just email us and order it or ask to have it added ASAP.

Remember I do everything I can to save a dollar, so it can be passed on to you.

Do you know how much it cost to intergrades a payment gate way into a shopping cart, man someone is making it BIG.. so if orders come in and no credit card reference number shows up, our system will delete the order/s with in 2 hours , use same name and address on your order as you do for your credit card/s, if they do not match it will be deleted by the data base. you can also make 10% by referring people to the second cart, have them put in your email address on sign up, and everything they buy, you make 10% word of mouth works better then any ad, so i do not do ad's any more, i pay my customers. oh you have to be signed up first.

we are considering it at this time, we want to make sure all the extra work would be worth wile.... how ever our main shopping cart will be up and running soon, with a lot of items sold but our electronic and outdoor products, custom tackle and much more,

you can buy a gift certificate for that special someone by clicking the pay-pal  gift certificate bottom, (no service fee on  gift certificate as our gift to you)


You are number one to us here at Romppai's, next time you need something, or you know you will need it next year, pre book your order before the 15th of February of each year, and you will get your items for far lest ever before, because your helping us meet our minimum orders with our suppliers, so we pass on this big big savings on to you, just for helping use meet our obligations, small none refundable deposit is mandatory..

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