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My name is Arnold. Children need to know how to fish, make fishing tackle, and rig there poles. and have the supplies to do so. and I heed a HD video cameras (web Cam) for best viewing.  So far for years I have paid it all out of my own pocket, I no longer can, so I am asking for help for the children. Teach a child to fish, you feed them for a life time. if you want to donate with credit card and save us the chip in (Pay-Pal) charges, use summit credit card button above, in the note box, type in FOR THE CHILDREN

I will mail or email you a tax recite if you leave address.  It has been my sense, allot of people can not afford to buy supplies for there child, so we supply free supplies, as well teach online on above J-TV video as well in my shop or in schools, I make nothing, I donate my time.. I am disabled and on a small pension. since 1988. For more information Click here


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Fishing Canada Links Directory

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