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Welcome to our Outdoor division  of Romppai's

Custom Built Pontoon parts, weather you just need replacement pontoons for you cheaply made factory Boat or if you need all the parts to build your very own top of the line pontoon boat, house boat or work boat, we have everything you willl need to complete your dream project, no commercially made pontoon will compare to these heavy duty parts. All parts are also available for commercial application and use at a 25% add on cost

Any size you require is readily available.

Download railing set ups 1- Railing Dimensions.pdf   or Railing Dimensions2.pdf cost per foot, Depends on size. 36" wide gates or Wider to load your ATV on board                     Click for More Links on pontoon Information

Go Green with one of our Electric Pontoon Boats    IN-BOARD I/O

See note at bottom of page

All Pontoon parts are built in a Canada ship building yard, not in someone's back yard, there 100% Canadian made and Canada and USA Cost Guard approved, you are not getting something that was just slammed together in someone's back yard, or assembly line

Romppai's is the only authorized distributer for the shipyard that builds nothing but boat and ship parts, (that is all they do) to sell these pontoon kits in Ontario, our limits on selling are world wide. When considering your pontoon project go with a manufacturer that dose nothing else but build steel and aluminum boat and ship parts for over 38 years and are Canada and USA Coast Guard approved, above is there logo of approvals, unlike many other pontoon kit sellers on the internet that have there pontoons built in some other operation unrelated to the marine industry an no Transport Canada or Canada and USA Coast Guard approval.

With are over 20 years of experience, operates with one of the best Canadian shipyard in the industry, no project to big or to small, weather it is for personal use or large commercial use they are all built to Transport Canada regulation. so give us a call You will not find your regular run of the mill factory made on a assembly line made like ours, Our pontoons are built to last, an well take the punishment, this northern Ontario has to throw at you. I have yet to see anyone of the top name boat brands have heavy aluminum like our pontoons have.

Facts: Our pontoons are made with type 5052 H32 aluminum, an aluminum / magnesium alloy most resistant to corrosion in fresh and sea water.

Pontoon tubes wall thickness is 0.081", 29" and up is 0.125" and Each pontoon is chambered and sealed at 5 foot intervals

 All our pontoons are built from High grade aluminum, unlike big factory pontoons, that are made from very light cheep aluminum

 Each pontoon is also chambered and sealed at 5 foot intervals, this is not seen ether in anyof the top boat names

some photos on this page Click here     See more photos. click Here

Just when we thought we couldn't do any better.

Next time your out looking at factory built pontoon boats take a real close look at how they are built as well as quality, then come back to this page and take a closer look at the photo on the left, as well as other links to photo's on this page. or come out and look at ours, there is no comparison.  After I looked at a factory built pontoon real close, I would never ride on one and feel safe.  would you???? look real close now!!!


What a better way to have a great day of fishing or fishing trip then on your very own pontoon boat, designed just the way you want it, from fully equipped house boat to just a plain Jane open deck, we can supply it all.

   You can have all the comfort and space to move about,  and have the ultimate in livewells, hot & cold running water, fridge, stove, oven and 12v power inverters with or with out solar panels, right on board, oh ya don't forget flushable or chemical toilet and shower.

Some people order them just to put there RV on the deck and take it off for a party, see weight capacity chart for your needs.


We at Romppai's Outfitters start with our custom pontoon kit, were we have them built in a local factory. if you want something special we can also do it.  We can make your custom kit.  We will custom assemble your pontoon boat, Pontoon House House boat or pontoon dock or raft to your specific specifications to fit your budget. then in time come back and we can add to your Pontoon to make it the way you want, you don't have to do the whole job in one year, just bring it back for more add on. The picture to the lower left is a basic U Fab kit of a pontoon boat . the picture in the lower right is the basic pontoon dock kit. We would also have available all accessories such as steering wheels councils , railings canopies and many more options such as house boat cabin kit, pontoon kits would be available in many different lengths and widths and pontoon size diameters.

 Pontoon Boats" At Affordable Prices because we buy our metal direct from the mill by the truck load we assembled from our custom Kits and require no welding. we will build your kit to any stage you want, then you can take it from there.  We have totally redone the instructions so now they are  easy to follow instructions. after all you have to build them to make the instructions
Kits are easy on the pocket book and are very simple to assemble. You can even chose to build or have built for you in stages. 

 If you like boat building like we do; this is for you.
They are easy to register.  Pickup would be from our yard in Kaministiquia Ontario Canada. you will find the price files below to download, when we build your Pontoon there is "no" shipping cost.

Pontoon Boats Have Many Uses
We build a Pontoon Boats for pleasure and work related applications. They are ideal for fishing, scuba diving, work boats and as houseboats. many other uses you can think of. Any way you want it.
They are also used as utility boats, as tour boats and for other commercial marine applications. Kits can also be used for building docks and rafts. we end the construction of your pontoon with the install of the
THE BLACK BOX To protect your investment as well to catch more fish

Lenco has stopped making there electric drive motors, I have been wholesaling them for years, as well building electric boats

Lenco don’t tell me why they stop making them, but I thinks it is because water gets in the motor and stops working, lots of warranty, any time you put electric motor in water a seal can leak at any time. There are lots of posting boards on  the internet, many people posting problems with them and other factory that make similar as well.

I like to make electric hydraulic motor, I have one in testing, the electric pump stay in the boat, the drive looks like bottom end of 4 hp gas, but hydraulic motor on top out of the water as well, Hydrolic moters are used on heavy equipment for years, open to the weather and no problems at all, it is used to drive the drive shaft,, I can’t show it just yet, waiting on my paten first, last 2 times, I make some thing, some bigger company steel it on me, this time I being smart.

So please stand by until system is complete and ready for market, best of all, they will be a lot less money i do be leave

Romppai's is a OME for Lenco Drives, Romppai's Wholesale a distributor for Lenco Marine.  If you are a dealer and want the Lenco products, contact our wholesale division, Note: deals, you minimum order is 5 Lenco drive kits, you can mix the micro drive, the ultimate Joy-Ride, both 2hp 24 volt, 3hp 36 volt.  Trim Tabs and hatch lifts also available, Dealer pricing is on our dealer login page. pricing is in USD  converted to CND at time of import, Do to the up and down of our Canadian dollar, Retail USD pricing download PDF Here, Tax and duty may apply, see all Lenco products HERE, we save all our customers brokerage fees, we do all our own brokerage into Canada

you may find broken links to lencos product pages until I find them all, there all over and may take soom time to find them all

 Add a Minn-Kotta DECK HAND 40# ANCHOR WINCH to your Pontoon or any other boat that need a heavy duty

Minn-Kotta DECK HAND 40# ANCHOR SYSTEM, for Pontoons boats ANCHORED over night you should have one on the bow starbird conner and one on the rear port cornner using 30 to 50 Lb. ANCHOR/s   or more depending on boat size, we have ANCHORS up to 100 Lbs

List Price $347.91

 MFG #1810140                                 Your price $289.99

ANCHOR Sold separately


Click Here for info on a Electric Pontoon boat

Electric Pontoon Boat now avalable that use the Minn-Kota drive motor, since the Lenco drives are no longer avalable, we are using other system well we work on our own drives
We take any kit and re-design the back end  to be used with these electric motors as well as the conventional type. With the Lenco 164 Drive Motors you can manoeuvre around docks and other boats. A great way for trolling. or just what to save on the environment using nothing other then 12 DC electricity, you can course all day on a single charge, providing we set you up with a great group of 12v deep cycle battery's and a large solar panel, there is endless possibility's and with the optional remote control, fish as you go.

Should you want to switch half way though the day to the conventional type out board, a flip of a switch and the twin Lenco 164 Drives are up and out of the way, One drive like pictured above is mounted on the back end of each Pontoon.  They work just as great on any type of boat.


How the Lenco 164 is installed on a pontoon boat.

We can custom build any kit for you or retro fit to any Pontoon or boat

Custom  Pontoon Boats or Pontoon Docks & Rafts

All Pontoon Kits can come pre assembled to at lest flat deck with carpeting or a none slip finish on the deck for easy cleaning and on a EZ - LOADER TRAILER and you can build from there or we can do the whole job!!   Ready for pick up or shipped to you!! 

 Are you tired of the rate race of camp ground and hi seasonal fees? Put your RV right on a pontoon boat!! Now that's camping & fishin.  If you get tired of the view, just move to the next bay!!!

All docks are now available fully assembled with carpeting or a none slip finish on the deck for easy cleaning, if you wish!!


See download starting pricing files , starting with a base kits like this, we custom build it from here for you! tell use you dream pontoon an were off.

  1. 2 aluminum pontoons, each with side and under keels, front water deflectors, full length cross-member supports, sealed chambers at 5 ft. lengths, front eyes, and a rear mounting bracket for fish finder or speedometer.
  2. U bar cross-members, 2 in. high x width of boat. Additional bars for reinforcement at motor mount and bow.
  3. 4 aluminum corners c/w mooring eyes.
  4. FUN
  5. 3 in. wide aluminum edging for complete perimeter.
  6. Towing bar.
  7. All necessary nuts, bolts, screws, etc.
  8. Assembly booklet.



Basic Boat Kit Description
Each standard 8' Pontoon Boat Kit 
Contains the following parts
  1. 2 Aluminium Pontoons
  2. U bar cross members with 24" centers
  3. 4 Aluminums corners with mooring eyes
  4. Aluminums motor support (20" transom)
    up to 90 hp
  5. 1" x 3" Aluminium edging
  6. Towing Bar
  7. Hardware for assembly
  8. Assembly booklet

  9. 3/4" marine grade plywood coated with a two-part marine epoxy (optional)

  10.  Printable caulking  (optional)


Pontoon Boat Kits are made to last
Our pontoons are made with type 5052 H32 aluminum, an aluminum / magnesium alloy
most resistant to corrosion in fresh and sea water. The standard thickness is .081" and  .090", .100", .125" or .1875" is available.
There are solid welded chambers every 5' and each pontoon has a full length under keel and side keel for added protection

Aluminum Pontoon Docks, Rafts and Walkways
are quality constructed to endure many years of use.


  • Aluminum Pontoon Dock Kits are available in 4', 6', and 8' widths with 16" or 19" diameter pontoons and are available with optional aluminum hinge sets.
  • Aluminum Walkway Ramps are available 3' or 4' wide from 10' to 20' long.
  • Aluminum Pontoon Raft Kits have larger pontoons to accommodate more weight.  They are available with 24" diameter pontoons in various lengths. Raft Kits are made to accommodate Diving Boards and Water Slides and are available in various widths.

All kits can include: 3/4" marine grade plywood coated with a two-part marine epoxy (Interguard® 345).  Two coats on underside and one coat on top side, light Beige in color (other light colors available). Also includes paint able caulking for edges of sheets

Additional liquid two-part epoxy is available as well as a non-slip additive  makes for easy clean-up of the deck, an excellent alternative to installing carpeting


We have all the things you need

 to customize your Pontoon

     We have every thing you need to custom build your very own Pontoon boat, house boat and docks, call us today to get started on the best quality products you can get 

You don't find factory built pontoons like these!

Center Pontoon for I/O, look closely at how it is made, all pontoons are constructed the same way, look forward of I/O hole, you don't find a factory built pontoon like this!


Main I/O center  pontoon                                                                                                                           

    In this photo take note as to the rails that run down both sides of the pontoon that your cross members will bolt to, these rails run the full length of the pontoons on all pontoons. weather it is a pontoon boat, dock or raft, note also the re-enforcement plates.  this type of quality is not found in your high production brand name pontoon boats, you will find they only have small 2" wide flat bar L brackets were your cross members bolt to.  Don't take my word for it, take a look at any top name pontoon on the market the next time you visit your marine dealer and see for your self, as many people have. This is only one small, but very important part that holds you whole ship together.  WE DO IT RIGHT OR NOT AT ALL!! Start to finish, from fishing pontoon to house boat and everything inbetwine, Since these photos were taken, we have improved this stretcher even more, as well as we worked with our old style we found there was yet a much better way, as well allows this space to be used buy the owner, until now that was wasted space, well no more. plus makes more room/clearance for under deck tanks.



           Touring Kit                                                                      houseboat Kit




This is a Pontoon boat that is great to fish from

You will find this Pontoon on Loon Lake in NW Ont.

Pontoon Boat Kit With Center Pod

The centre pod is (see exploded view) available in standard 10', 15' and 20' lengths and as a full length centre pod.
The centre pod would extend about 27" past the rear deck ( see photo )
The centre pod adds buoyancy at the rear of the boat and offsets the weight of the heavier 4 stroke outboard and fuel.
Because the outboard is mounted at the rear of the centre pod, the prop always gets a good bite of the water and rarely cavitates.
The standard centre pod is rated up to 150 hp, optional up to 175 hp, 200 hp, and 250 hp

Center Pod

Pontoon Kit with Center Pod


Commercial Fishing Boat

cleardot Fish Harvesting, work, fun, party, floating office or camp  Boats are also available  form and are primarily used in the Aquaculture industry.
Kits can be manufactured according to your requirements and some engineering drawing costs may be necessary for some custom applications


  • For commercial use as a  Fishing Boat, House Boat.


Several "PONTOON" Models to Choose from

Complete Pontoon Boat packages can be ordered ready for pick

up on an EZ LOADER TRAILER, for easy and convenient assembly!!


We will get you any trailer you want, not just pontoon trailer's, any time you want, galvanized, parts and accessories as well. If you need a Pontoon trailer for a Pontoon boat over 28 feet long or over 8 feet wide, we will custom build you a trailer using EZ Loader parts.


See our page with more info CLICK HERE

Including personal water craft & snowmobile, now see if any other dealer would do it for you?

Click Here for EZ-Loader trailer info

2009/10 Boat trailers are now here!

Download EZLoader2007.pdf (1.8mb)
(Right-Click EZLoader2007.pdf link and "Save As.." to save to your computer

Click  image to  download 2007 catalog

Need a trailer call us! we will fix you up the best way we can. with service 2nd to none, 1st class all the way, you have our word.

Need To Rent a trailer?   Call us! 807-627-3854

We have you covered

Do you want to learn more about pontoon boats? click here Pontoon Boats   Description: Images and resources dedicated to the pontoon boat.
 All kinds of good info for anyone interested in them)

  Our Last Show Photos                            

Powered By Honda  & E-Z loader Trailers what a great match!!!


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This is to save material costs (we bring our raw materials in by the truck load), shipping cost though out North Western Ont & Manitoba, available in kit form, or we can custom build your complete pontoon, with 7 different trailer brands, and 50 models to chose from, like enclosed Newnan's trailers, to car halers, utility trails, boat trail's, check out our trailer page
Call to order all your marine products you need, including after marker I/O & Outboard motor parts, catalog order, over 3000 pages, 3 to 4 days delivery, you SAVE $$$$$

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Romppai's is a OME for Lenco Drives, Romppai's Wholesale a distributor for Lenco Marine. If you are a dealer and want the Lenco products, contact our wholesale division, Note: deals, your minimum order is 5 Lenco drive kits, you can mix the micro drive, the ultimate JoyRide, both 2hp 24 volt, 3hp 36 volt. Trim Tabs and hatch lifts also available, Dealer pricing is on our dealer login page. pricing is in USD converted to CND at time of import, Do to the up and down of our Canadian dollar, Retail USD pricing download PDF Here, Tax and duty may apply, see all Lenco products HERE, we save all our customers brokerage fees, we do all our own brokerage into Canada



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